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Ep. 43: Music Jobs and Careers with L.Ariel
It's been a while, but we're back with a new episode of the AudioSkills Podcast! This episode is all about[...]
Ep. 42: Music Production Techniques with Ben Runyan
What's better than a two-time AudioSkills Podcast guest? A three-time AudioSkills Podcast guest! Ben Runyan, Philadelphia-based music producer and educator[...]
Ep. 41: Getting Pro Sound from Home with Ken Theriot
We all want pro sound, even if we're working in a home studio and don't have the most expensive gear.[...]
Ep. 40: Home Recording Made Easy with David Vignola
Too many people think capturing quality recordings and making great sounding mixes is incredibly difficult to impossible. This is simply[...]
Ep. 39: Pro Vocals in a Home Studio with Rob Mayzes
It's time to learn how to get pro vocal sound even in a home studio! In this episode, Scott is[...]
Ep. 38: Mastering Advice with Ian Shepherd
In this episode, Scott was joined by a true mastering guru! Ian Shepherd is an accomplished mastering engineer, audio educator,[...]
Ep. 37: Home Recording Advice with Katie Heath
This week, Scott was joined by a brilliant singer-songwriter and home recording coach named Katie Heath. Katie Heath is owner[...]
Ep. 36: Collaboration and Songwriting with Dane Myers
We have another great guest this week, as Scott is joined by Dane Myers, owner of Custom-Tracks.com, a recording studio[...]
Ep. 35: EQ and Compression with Kendal Osborne
We have another return guest on the show today! We're joined again by Kendal Osborne, owner of The Closet Studios[...]