AudioSkills was launched in February 2017 by Scott Hawksworth and the Recording Excellence LLC team. We are based in the United States.

About Scott Hawksworth

Hi, I’m Scott Hawksworth!

My name is Scott Hawksworth, and I created AudioSkills to give musicians and aspiring music producers an easier way to learn recording, mixing, mastering and music production.

I believe it’s currently a sort of “Golden Age” for the do-it-yourself musician or audio producer. You don’t need to spend a fortune on studio time with a professional audio engineer to make recordings that sound great. You also don’t need to spend many thousands of dollars on an advanced degree to learn mixing, mastering and music production.

New tools, equipment, and software have made music production in a home studio so much easier. With the right techniques, you may be surprised by just how good your recordings and mixes can sound.

My plan is to make the premier web platform for anyone to learn recording, mixing, mastering and music production. Along with my premium videos and workshops, I also give away a lot of my best content for free. You can find it on the following platforms:

Contact Us

Please contact our customer support department if you have any questions about AudioSkills, or your premium membership.