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Ep. 37: Home Recording Advice with Katie Heath

This week, Scott was joined by a brilliant singer-songwriter and home recording coach named Katie Heath. Katie Heath is owner of Katie Heath Studios, based in Nashville, Tennessee. Katie is also a recording coach and has a ton of knowledge about getting great sound in a home studio without the most expensive gear or perfect space. She even has a special course called “Your Song Journey” which helps students finish recording and mixing their songs to make them sound fantastic.

Today’s show is all about home recording. Topics discussed include advice for getting the best sound, quality equipment you can purchase on a budget, techniques for getting great results with EQ and compression, and so much more. Technology continues to help home recordings sound better and better… so the biggest difference is the techniques you’re using.
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Ep. 36: Collaboration and Songwriting with Dane Myers

We have another great guest this week, as Scott is joined by Dane Myers, owner of, a recording studio in Orlando Florida that offers online recording and production services to artists all over the world. Dane is a great producer in his own right, and a self-made audio guru with a ton of great insight on making great music.

This show is all about collaboration and songwriting, with some additional great recording and mixing tips thrown in. Dane not only walks you through how he got his service going, but reveals the keys to success when writing a new song or working with others in the music industry. The audio world has changed forever, and with the power of the internet, musicians and producers have access to more knowledge and creativity than ever before!
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Ep. 35: EQ and Compression with Kendal Osborne

We have another return guest on the show today! We’re joined again by Kendal Osborne, owner of The Closet Studios and host of the excellent Recording Lounge Podcast. Kendal is also an AudioSkills instructor, teaching two courses, The Art of Compression and The Art of EQ.

Kendal has a lot of excellent advice when it comes to using EQ and compression effectively in a mix. Listen in as Kendal dispels myths about these two important tools, helps you think about and understand them in a more complete way, and more. Kendal has been known to go on some epic rants about EQ and compression, and this show is no exception… so buckle up!
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Ep 034: Music Production Tools with Multiplier

Today’s guest is Adam Pollard AKA Multiplier, who is a DJ, music producer, and educator. He also runs an excellent youtube channel which offers up a bunch of music production tutorials, tips, and tricks.

Multiplier knows a lot about making music using some of the best music production tools around. In this episode, he was kind enough to walk through some of his favorites, and give some solid music production advice on things like compression, EQ, and more.

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Ep 033: Drum Recording and Mixing with Lij Shaw

Today’s guest is Lij Shaw, producer, engineer, and musician. He owns the Toy Box Studio, a Grammy winning studio based out of Nashville. Lij is also the host of the excellent Recording Studio Rockstars podcast! On that podcast Lij interviews all kinds of pros in music to bring his audience exciting stories, tricks, tips, and insights from the recording studio.

Lij also has recently launched a brand new course called Rockstars of Drums where he walks through how to get awesome results when recording and mixing drums.
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Ep 032: Mixing for Emotion with David Lopez

Today’s guest is David A. Lopez, a mixing engineer with over 20 years of experience and the owner of the David A. Lopez Mixing, Mastering and Audio Finishing service. Based out of Orange County, California, David began engineering when he was just 17 years old. He now works primarily with independent artists outside of the major label scene to help them develop their music careers.

Given that David has been at it for well over two decades, he certainly knows quite a bit when it comes to the craft. In this episode, he shares his insight on mixing and the importance of capturing emotion in a project, as well as his best advice for getting better results in your own music.

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Ep 031: Home Recording and Mixing with Tim Sincere

Today’s episode is all about getting great sound in an imperfect space. Here to share his wisdom and tips for recording outside of a professional setting is singer/songwriter Tim Sincere. An AudioSkills podcast listener himself, Tim has been recording in the home studio environment and releasing songs on his own for years.

Listen in to hear his insight on recording professional-sounding music without all the high-end gear. He shares lots of awesome advice on overcoming the challenges of recording in a home studio, as well as his own recording process and more.

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Ep 030: Mastering In The Box With Adam Harr

In this episode, you’ll hear all about in-the-box mastering from successful mixing and mastering engineer, Adam Harr. Based out of California, Adam has worked with artists like Cheap Trick, Frank Ocean, Muse, and Bruno Mars, as well as legendary producers like Pharrell and Rick Rubin.

Adam is also an AudioSkills instructor, having put together The Mastering Crash Course, a step-by-step walkthrough of mastering in the box. Listen in to today’s episode to hear his tips and advice for getting great results with your music.

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Ep 029: Music Production Techniques with Cristofer Odqvist

Cristofer Odqvist joins today’s episode all the way from Sweden! An awesome producer with a decade of experience under his belt, Cristofer boasts a wide range of production expertise. In addition to making great tracks, he has mixed audio for commercials, recorded voiceovers, and produced music for television. Cristofer is also the author of the music production book, Making Sound, and he maintains a Twitter account with music production tips and tricks.

You’ll hear some of his best production techniques today, including advice on programming drums, using compression, producing vocals, and more.

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Ep 028: EQ Tips and Techniques with Kevin Ward

The owner of joins us on the podcast today! Currently based in Anaheim, California, Kevin Ward has been engineering, producing, writing, arranging, and mixing since the early ’90s. In addition to running his website, he hosts an associated podcast and a membership site for more in-depth mix training.

Needless to say, he knows a thing or two about making music. In this episode, he shares his expertise on equalization, or EQ. His tips and insight are perfect for music-making beginners and veterans alike, so be sure to listen in.

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