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Ep 030: Mastering In The Box With Adam Harr

In this episode, you’ll hear all about in-the-box mastering from successful mixing and mastering engineer, Adam Harr. Based out of California, Adam has worked with artists like Cheap Trick, Frank Ocean, Muse, and Bruno Mars, as well as legendary producers like Pharrell and Rick Rubin.

Adam is also an AudioSkills instructor, having put together The Mastering Crash Course, a step-by-step walkthrough of mastering in the box. Listen in to today’s episode to hear his tips and advice for getting great results with your music.

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Ep 029: Music Production Techniques with Cristofer Odqvist

Cristofer Odqvist joins today’s episode all the way from Sweden! An awesome producer with a decade of experience under his belt, Cristofer boasts a wide range of production expertise. In addition to making great tracks, he has mixed audio for commercials, recorded voiceovers, and produced music for television. Cristofer is also the author of the music production book, Making Sound, and he maintains a Twitter account with music production tips and tricks.

You’ll hear some of his best production techniques today, including advice on programming drums, using compression, producing vocals, and more.

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Ep 028: EQ Tips and Techniques with Kevin Ward

The owner of joins us on the podcast today! Currently based in Anaheim, California, Kevin Ward has been engineering, producing, writing, arranging, and mixing since the early ’90s. In addition to running his website, he hosts an associated podcast and a membership site for more in-depth mix training.

Needless to say, he knows a thing or two about making music. In this episode, he shares his expertise on equalization, or EQ. His tips and insight are perfect for music-making beginners and veterans alike, so be sure to listen in.

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Ep 027: Electronic Music Production Tips with Hyperbits

Today’s guest, Hyperbits, is a brilliant producer and educator. Based in San Diego, Hyperbits has remixed artists like Laidback Luke, Tove Lo, Beyoncé, and more. He also teaches music production on his website,

In this episode, he shares his tips on creating electronic dance music, as well as advice on producing in general. You’ll also hear how he transitioned from the corporate world to making music professionally and his tips on making a career in music.

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Ep 026: Mastering for Clients with Denis Emery

Today’s guest joins us all the way from Lithuania! Denis Emery is the director and head engineer at, where he offers mixing and mastering services to a wide range of clients. With eight years of experience, Denis began his musical journey as a DJ and studied like crazy to learn how to make his own creations sound as good as the music he loved. Now, he works with record labels, independent artists, and distribution companies and has served hundreds of happy clients.

In this podcast, Denis shares his approach to mastering, his preferred plugins, and more. He also weighs in on the in-the-box vs. outside-the-box mastering debate.

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Ep 025: Music Making Tips with Sam Matla

Today we are thrilled to be joined by Sam Matla, the founder of and host of the EDM Prodcast, as well as the author of The Producer’s Guide to Workflow & Creativity. Sam has been making music since he was 14, so when it comes to electronic music production, workflow, and more… he knows his stuff!

In this podcast, he shares his best production advice, as well as what he has learned over the years about improving workflow. You’ll also learn why it is so important to focus on increasing the quantity of music you’re producing, as opposed to putting all your energy into a few tracks.

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Ep 024: Mix Buss Processing with Kriss Walas and Dom Tassinari

We’ve got double the guests and double the experience on this episode! We’re thrilled to host Kriss Walas & Dom Tassinari, who have a combined 29 years in the music business. They’re also the hosts of the excellent music production podcast Poolside Chats.

Kriss and Dom join us today to talk about mix buss processing and share their thoughts on mixing, mastering, compression, and other key considerations for making professional-sounding music.

Kriss and Dom have some different techniques and opinions on plugins, but their combined perspectives offer a comprehensive understanding of how processing on a mix buss can positively or negatively impact your mix.

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Ep 023: Advanced Music Production Advice with Ben Runyan

Today’s episode features the first repeat guest in AudioSkills podcast history. Philadelphia-based music producer and educator Ben Runyan is back to share his top music production tips. In addition to teaching at Drexel University, Rowan University, and the University of the Arts, Ben is also an AudioSkills instructor.

He recently put together a music production crash course, which is available for download here. He also just released a new EP under his alias, J U S T P R O C E S S.

Needless to say, Ben has some serious audio skills, and he offers more of his wisdom in this episode. You’ll hear the lessons he learned producing his most recent EP, as well as his advice for programming drums, remixing, sampling, and more!

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Ep 022: Key Audio Effect Tips with Chris Selim

Audio effects can be a powerful tool in an audio engineer’s toolbelt. However, when used poorly, it can spell disaster for the quality of your sound. Our guest Chris Selim runs Mixdown Online and has a rich background in production and audio engineering. The Montreal-based producer has worked on more than 60 albums!

After working with so many artists, Chris has honed his ear for the right amount of audio effects to apply to a track. Every special effect that he applies has a specific reason behind it that must be additive to the overall sound.

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Ep 021: The Most Popular DAWs with Jimmy Atkinson

Today’s show is a little different than usual. This episode is a deep dive on DAWs with Jimmy Atkinson, a member of the AudioSkills team behind-the-scenes. Jimmy built our website and membership program, and he stays busy keeping all of our tech running smoothly.

After running an exhaustive survey within the AudioSkills community, Jimmy came up with a list of the 20 most popular DAWs. While there is no software that is perfect for everyone, the results yielded some interesting perspectives.

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