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Ep. 43: Music Jobs and Careers with L.Ariel

It’s been a while, but we’re back with a new episode of the AudioSkills Podcast! This episode is all about music jobs and careers. If you want to make a living with music (or just earn some extra cash to support your creativity), then you’re going to love this show!

Scott is joined by singer, songwriter, and electronica artist L.Ariel who helped him explore the topic. She’s also the host of her own podcast called, “Hey How’d You Get That Music Job???” which explores this very topic in each episode.

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Ep. 42: Music Production Techniques with Ben Runyan

What’s better than a two-time AudioSkills Podcast guest? A three-time AudioSkills Podcast guest! Ben Runyan, Philadelphia-based music producer and educator is back with some more excellent advice on getting quality sound when you produce. In addition to teaching at Drexel University, Rowan University, and the University of the Arts, Ben is also creating weekly tutorial videos for AudioSkills on YouTube!

In this episode we talked a lot about vocal production, but there are a ton of great takeaways on compression, EQ, using audio effects, and more.

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Ep. 41: Getting Pro Sound from Home with Ken Theriot

We all want pro sound, even if we’re working in a home studio and don’t have the most expensive gear. The good news is, quality sound is incredibly achievable as long as you know the right techniques. Enter our brilliant guest for this week, Ken Theriot of Home Brew Audio. Ken specializes in showing people how to get great sound without needing to buy a ton of new gear.

On this episode of the AudioSkills Podcast, Scott and Ken talk about the keys to getting that “pro sound” you want in a home studio environment, even if you have budget gear. Did you know, for example, that it’s very possible to make a $5 mic sound significantly better than a $500 mic? The difference comes down to techniques. Listen in to get recording and mixing advice you can apply to your music RIGHT NOW.

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Ep. 40: Home Recording Made Easy with David Vignola

Too many people think capturing quality recordings and making great sounding mixes is incredibly difficult to impossible. This is simply not true! In fact, Scott’s guest this week has built a whole site and YouTube following around making the process of learning home recording and mixing simple. David Vignola is the founder of Home Recording Made Easy, which is an excellent site with tutorials and audio information. It’s especially great for beginners!

On today’s show Scott and David go over the essentials of recording and mixing. Whether you’re a beginner, or someone just looking for a new perspective, there are loads of great tidbits covered in this episode. Making mixing and home recording “easy” on yourself is simpler to do than many people think. It’s all about using the right techniques and having the right approach and attitude when you’re recording and mixing music.

David was also kind enough to GIVE AWAY an excellent mixing course he created. Get instant access to Mixing Made Easy Volume 1 by clicking here.

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Ep. 39: Pro Vocals in a Home Studio with Rob Mayzes

It’s time to learn how to get pro vocal sound even in a home studio! In this episode, Scott is joined by Rob Mayzes, musician and audio engineer, who knows a ton about getting great results with home recording and producing. Rob also runs the excellent site, Musician On a Mission , which helps folks of all skill levels learn how to take their home recordings and mixes to the next level.

On today’s show, vocals are once again the topic of discussion. Whether you’re recording vocals, mixing them, or just trying to make smart and creative moves… there are a TON of effective techniques you can use to get great results. Some people might say you can’t get a pro sound in an imperfect space like a bedroom, or without super expensive mics… Rob and Scott politely disagree. Listen in to get tips and advice to help you improve your vocals right now!
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Ep. 38: Mastering Advice with Ian Shepherd

In this episode, Scott was joined by a true mastering guru! Ian Shepherd is an accomplished mastering engineer, audio educator, and crusader against the Loudness Wars (he even founded an event called “Dynamic Range Day” to raise awareness). Ian co-hosts an awesome podcast called The Mastering Show, which is great to listen to if you want to dive even deeper into this audio field!

Today’s show is all about mastering. Scott and Ian discuss how to get great sound when mastering, what you need to know about automated mastering services, and so much more. If you’ve ever been confused about how to make your masters sufficiently loud, yet still dynamic and polished, this episode will offer a ton of insight.
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Ep. 37: Home Recording Advice with Katie Heath

This week, Scott was joined by a brilliant singer-songwriter and home recording coach named Katie Heath. Katie Heath is owner of Katie Heath Studios, based in Nashville, Tennessee. Katie is also a recording coach and has a ton of knowledge about getting great sound in a home studio without the most expensive gear or perfect space. She even has a special course called “Your Song Journey” which helps students finish recording and mixing their songs to make them sound fantastic.

Today’s show is all about home recording. Topics discussed include advice for getting the best sound, quality equipment you can purchase on a budget, techniques for getting great results with EQ and compression, and so much more. Technology continues to help home recordings sound better and better… so the biggest difference is the techniques you’re using.
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Ep. 36: Collaboration and Songwriting with Dane Myers

We have another great guest this week, as Scott is joined by Dane Myers, owner of, a recording studio in Orlando Florida that offers online recording and production services to artists all over the world. Dane is a great producer in his own right, and a self-made audio guru with a ton of great insight on making great music.

This show is all about collaboration and songwriting, with some additional great recording and mixing tips thrown in. Dane not only walks you through how he got his service going, but reveals the keys to success when writing a new song or working with others in the music industry. The audio world has changed forever, and with the power of the internet, musicians and producers have access to more knowledge and creativity than ever before!
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Ep. 35: EQ and Compression with Kendal Osborne

We have another return guest on the show today! We’re joined again by Kendal Osborne, owner of The Closet Studios and host of the excellent Recording Lounge Podcast. Kendal is also an AudioSkills instructor, teaching two courses, The Art of Compression and The Art of EQ.

Kendal has a lot of excellent advice when it comes to using EQ and compression effectively in a mix. Listen in as Kendal dispels myths about these two important tools, helps you think about and understand them in a more complete way, and more. Kendal has been known to go on some epic rants about EQ and compression, and this show is no exception… so buckle up!
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Ep 034: Music Production Tools with Multiplier

Today’s guest is Adam Pollard AKA Multiplier, who is a DJ, music producer, and educator. He also runs an excellent youtube channel which offers up a bunch of music production tutorials, tips, and tricks.

Multiplier knows a lot about making music using some of the best music production tools around. In this episode, he was kind enough to walk through some of his favorites, and give some solid music production advice on things like compression, EQ, and more.

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