Ep 028: EQ Tips and Techniques with Kevin Ward

The owner of MixCoach.com joins us on the podcast today! Currently based in Anaheim, California, Kevin Ward has been engineering, producing, writing, arranging, and mixing since the early ’90s. In addition to running his website, he hosts an associated podcast and a membership site for more in-depth mix training.

Needless to say, he knows a thing or two about making music. In this episode, he shares his expertise on equalization, or EQ. His tips and insight are perfect for music-making beginners and veterans alike, so be sure to listen in.

The audio tip of the week is about the high pass filter. It’s a great tool that can help clean up a mix, get rid of mud, cut out frequencies that aren’t needed, and more. But be careful to avoid making the mix too thin. Making big cuts on several tracks can rapidly lead to taking out too much. So be sure to listen as you’re cutting and ensure the moves you’re making are improving the sound. Listen to the whole mix and context even after you’ve applied that high pass filter so you can reverse course if needed. And remember—if you do a good job recording, you’ll need the high pass filter even less.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Audio tip of the week: High pass filters are your friend, but be careful not to cut too much.
  • Kevin’s top tip for using EQ well in a mix.
  • When to do additive EQ.
  • Goals to keep in mind when reaching for an EQ.
  • How to tell if you need a premium EQ (and why there’s nothing wrong with stock EQs).
  • The biggest mistake people make with EQ and how to avoid making it.

Featured on the Show:

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