Ep 030: Mastering In The Box With Adam Harr

Adam Harr

In this episode, you’ll hear all about in-the-box mastering from successful mixing and mastering engineer, Adam Harr. Based out of California, Adam has worked with artists like Cheap Trick, Frank Ocean, Muse, and Bruno Mars, as well as legendary producers like Pharrell and Rick Rubin.

Adam is also an AudioSkills instructor, having put together The Mastering Crash Course, a step-by-step walkthrough of mastering in the box. Listen in to today’s episode to hear his tips and advice for getting great results with your music.

The audio tip of the week is about the importance of dynamics. When mixing, don’t forget that music is meant to be dynamic. That’s what keeps it interesting and engaging for listeners. A lot of times people get carried away with using compression or wanting to build volume in, and they forget about this crucial element. Even if you’re programming drums or just producing, keep in mind how real musicians play. Mix it up a bit so you have some quiet parts and some loud parts, try making your chorus a little louder or more energetic than your verse, etc. You will be better served if you remember that performances should be dynamic and make sure your own tracks reflect this.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Audio tip of the week: Don’t forget the importance of dynamics.
  • The benefits of mastering in the box.
  • How to build loudness into a master without going overboard.
  • Tips for using EQ and getting great results without doing too much.
  • Why Adam uses tape saturation.
  • How to use compression effectively.
  • The problem with automated mastering services.
  • Advice for getting great results mastering in the box.

Featured on the Show:

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