Ep 033: Drum Recording and Mixing with Lij Shaw

Today’s guest is Lij Shaw, producer, engineer, and musician. He owns the Toy Box Studio, a Grammy winning studio based out of Nashville. Lij is also the host of the excellent Recording Studio Rockstars podcast! On that podcast Lij interviews all kinds of pros in music to bring his audience exciting stories, tricks, tips, and insights from the recording studio.

Lij also has recently launched a brand new course called Rockstars of Drums where he walks through how to get awesome results when recording and mixing drums.

The audio tip of the week is about never being afraid to try something new. Developing your recording and mixing workflow through repetition is important… but changing things up can also provide benefits. If you always start with the vocal, you can mix things up by starting with the lead guitar. The worst case scenario is you decide you liked the way you were doing things before or you’re unhappy with the results. The best case is you find a new efficiency or unlock new creativity. Music is art, and sometimes shaking things up can give great results.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Audio tip of the week: Don’t be afraid to change up your workflow.
  • Lij’s favorite drum microphones, and other gear recommendations.
  • The #1 mixing tool Lij likes using to make drums sound great.
  • How to mic up drums to capture the best sound.
  • The most important thing to consider when recording drums.
  • How careful use of drum samples can bring out the best in your music.

Featured on the Show:

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