Ep. 35: EQ and Compression with Kendal Osborne

We have another return guest on the show today! We’re joined again by Kendal Osborne, owner of The Closet Studios and host of the excellent Recording Lounge Podcast. Kendal is also an AudioSkills instructor, teaching two courses, The Art of Compression and The Art of EQ.

Kendal has a lot of excellent advice when it comes to using EQ and compression effectively in a mix. Listen in as Kendal dispels myths about these two important tools, helps you think about and understand them in a more complete way, and more. Kendal has been known to go on some epic rants about EQ and compression, and this show is no exception… so buckle up!

The audio tip of the week is about starting with a larger or more impactful move, and then working backwards. Oftentimes people struggle with the best way to dial in their plugin settings. One effective technique is to set things to where you know it’s too much, and then dial it back to where it’s more subtle. It may sound strange, but it can help you big time, especially if you’re newer to mixing.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Audio tip of the week: How to dial in plugin settings by over-doing it intentionally then walking it back.
  • If you should compress or EQ first.
  • Kendal’s favorite tips for having success with EQ and compression.
  • The key things to know about using presets when compressing or EQ’ing.
  • What the biggest misconceptions about compression and EQ are.

Featured on the Show:

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