Ep. 39: Pro Vocals in a Home Studio with Rob Mayzes

It’s time to learn how to get pro vocal sound even in a home studio! In this episode, Scott is joined by Rob Mayzes, musician and audio engineer, who knows a ton about getting great results with home recording and producing. Rob also runs the excellent site, Musician On a Mission , which helps folks of all skill levels learn how to take their home recordings and mixes to the next level.

On today’s show, vocals are once again the topic of discussion. Whether you’re recording vocals, mixing them, or just trying to make smart and creative moves… there are a TON of effective techniques you can use to get great results. Some people might say you can’t get a pro sound in an imperfect space like a bedroom, or without super expensive mics… Rob and Scott politely disagree. Listen in to get tips and advice to help you improve your vocals right now!

The audio tip of the week is one from a member of the AudioSkills community. It’s all about using delay on vocals. If you follow this technique, you can not only get better results with delay… but also have added control over your vocal while doing it. One of the things that almost every producer or mixing engineer will say is that if you have more control over the vocal, you can make it sound better. This simple technique helps you control your vocal delays!

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Audio tip of the week: using delay on vocals.
  • What separates a good sounding vocal versus an amateur sounding vocal.
  • How to compress vocals to get quality sound, while keeping the performance dynamic.
  • How to deal with sibilance and plosives the right way.
  • Tips and advice for using effects on vocals without overpowering them.

Featured on the Show:

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