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The AudioSkills Podcast

Get radio ready sound from your home studio! Learn recording, mixing, mastering, and music production on The AudioSkills Podcast. We give you simple techniques that you can apply to your music for immediate results. It doesn’t matter what type of music you’re creating, or what gear you use, these techniques are universal.

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New Episodes

Ep. 39: Pro Vocals in a Home Studio with Rob Mayzes
It's time to learn how to get pro vocal sound even in a home studio! In this episode, Scott is[...]
Ep. 38: Mastering Advice with Ian Shepherd
In this episode, Scott was joined by a true mastering guru! Ian Shepherd is an accomplished mastering engineer, audio educator,[...]
Ep. 37: Home Recording Advice with Katie Heath
This week, Scott was joined by a brilliant singer-songwriter and home recording coach named Katie Heath. Katie Heath is owner[...]
Ep. 36: Collaboration and Songwriting with Dane Myers
We have another great guest this week, as Scott is joined by Dane Myers, owner of, a recording studio[...]
Ep. 35: EQ and Compression with Kendal Osborne
We have another return guest on the show today! We're joined again by Kendal Osborne, owner of The Closet Studios[...]
Ep 034: Music Production Tools with Multiplier
Today's guest is Adam Pollard AKA Multiplier, who is a DJ, music producer, and educator. He also runs an excellent[...]

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