The Mastering Crash Course


The Mastering Crash Course

Learn The Essential Techniques You Need To Start Mastering Music In The Box (On Your Computer). Any Skill Level, Any DAW, Any Style Of Music!

A New Way To Learn Mastering!


Here's What You'll Learn:

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    How to apply sound mastering fundamentals to a project, to get great results from the very beginning
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    How to choose the right tools and audio plugins to master any track like a pro
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    Compression techniques to help tighten up a track and improve its presence
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    How to use parametric EQs to shape a mixdown, and correct any minor issues that remain from the mixing stage
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    Best practices for gain staging in mastering, to help avoid unwanted clipping or digital distortion
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    How to use tape saturation plugins to introduce a warm, analog sound to any project
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    The most common compression and EQ mistakes that can ruin a project (and how to avoid them)
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    How to master a track that is competitive with the rest of the music industry in loudness and dynamics
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    How to prepare a track for commercial release on Spotify, iTunes, and CDs
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    How to get the very best sound out of any project, regardless of the DAW or musical genre!

Student Success Stories...

"I feel like every mix is a little better than the last!"
Splash Gordon, Producer and Engineer

"Clear, precise, and easy to follow."
Steve Zemba, Guitarist

"Courses are a huge help... also my 5-month-old little girl loves to watch them!"
Caleb Harmon, Drummer

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The Mastering Crash Course

The Mastering Crash Course

Single Course: The Mastering Crash Course

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    Course Length: 118 Minutes
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    Instant Download - Full 1080p HD

Single Course Price: $47

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    The Mastering Crash Course (118 Min)
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    Art of Compression (110 Min)

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What happens after I buy? How long does it take to receive access to the course?

After your purchase, you will receive instant access to the course via email.

Just click on the download links in the email, and you can download the video files to your hard drive.

Question: I only produce XYZ kind of music... will this video course be useful to me no matter what kind of music I make?

Absolutely! It doesn’t matter what kind of music you make (pop, hip-hop, rock, EDM, bluegrass, etc.)

The techniques and systems shown in this video course are universal, and effective for any kind of music!

Question: Do I need to use specific software or a specific DAW (like Logic) to follow this course?

No! The techniques in this course can be applied within any DAW, including Pro Tools, Logic, GarageBand, Audacity, Studio One, Ableton, Cubase, Reaper, and other similar DAWs.

Question: Is there a guarantee?

OF COURSE! All of my courses are backed by a "No Questions Asked", 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

If you're not 100% satisfied, just let us know; we'll issue a full refund, no questions asked. If you're not happy, we're not happy!

About The Instructor:

Adam Harr

Born and raised on the central coast of California, Adam Harr fell in love with music from a young age. His passion for it eventually led him to Los Angeles, where he went from playing trumpet to stepping behind the mixing console.

Over many, many hours in the studio, Adam has refined his ears and skills while having the opportunity to work with artists like Cheap Trick, Frank Ocean, Muse, and Bruno Mars. He has also worked with legendary producers and engineers like Alan Parsons, Rick Rubin, Pharrell, and Eddie Kramer.

Currently Adam runs Adam Harr Mixing and Mastering. With credits and experience in many genres of music, Adam is thrilled to share his knowledge and experience with the AudioSkills community.