Monthly Workshop Courses

Watch top tier audio experts from around the world reveal their best techniques, in these exclusive workshop video courses.

Beatmaking Workshop

Beatmaking Workshop

July 2017
Professional music producer and audio educator CJ Beatz shows how to make a trap beat.

Vocal Production Workshop

Vocal Production Workshop with Daniel Rothmann

June 2017
Learn the ins and outs of vocal production from Daniel Rothmann, multi platinum awarded music producer and audio software developer.

Mastering 101 Workshop

Mastering 101 Workshop with Brian Buckalew

May 2017
Learn how to prepare a track and master it the right way with Brian Buckalew, owner of ProVizion Studios.

Producing with Compression

Producing with Compression Workshop with Immanuel Steiner

April 2017
Discover how compression is used in music production, with professional producer and DJ Immanuel Steiner.

Vocal Chopping Workshop

Vocal Chopping Workshop with Ben Runyan

March 2017
Professional EDM producer Ben Runyan showcases several key vocal chopping techniques.

Advanced Production Techniques

Advanced Production Techniques Workshop with David Donaldson

February 2017
Learn professional-level music production from David Donaldson, Grammy Award winning engineer and producer.

Pro Mastering Workshop

Pro Mastering Workshop with Joao Carvalho

January 2017
Learn some pro mastering techniques from Joao Carvalho, professional audio engineer.